Tank Demolition

Project Details


There’s no such thing as a typical day at WRS.

For this recently completed project, a 92-foot fresh-water storage tank needed to be decommissioned and removed in just one week. Since the new storage tank and community center were close by, all 24 rings (with 5 panels apiece) of stainless steel had to be taken down carefully, piece by piece. After 120 and 135-foot boom lifts and a 30-ton crane were used to dismantle and place steel in a trailer to be hauled off and recycled, the crew used a plasma cutter to cut the bottom ring flush from the concrete it was embedded in.

Great work Nate Seigman, Mike Seigman, Kyle Stremler, Dustin O’Bryan, and Troy Chilcote!




Nooksack Tribe

Type of Project

Water Tank Demolition

Services Performed

Demolition,  Processing




July 26 2021 – July 30 2021