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Northwest Washington’s Specialty Contractor

Successful construction projects, asphalt paving, industrial maintenance, and refinery services.

Why Choose WRS?

Choosing the wrong contractor can mean cost overruns, project delays, and other easily avoidable problems.

Here at WRS, we believe in a surprise-free approach.

We meticulously review projects from start to finish to identify obstacles before the project is even built.

Let’s Talk Numbers.

 We understand the importance of  your project, and our goal is to see it succeed. To achieve this , we’ve invested in talented people and top-of-the-line technology that will ensure every step along the way is done right, on time, and on budget.


The year it all began.

We’ve been serving businesses and individuals in the Pacific Northwest for almost 40 years.


Awards for Excellence 

WRS is honored to have been recognized many times for the work we have done.


Projects completed a year.

We have continued to grow and are successfully completing projects every single day.

How We Work

1. Contact Us

We will connect you to the correct department lead who can then answer your questions.

2. Budget and Timeline

After we understand your project, we create and send you a clear plan so you know what you’ll be spending and when it will be done.

3. Project Completion

Thanks to our teams’ planning and scheduling efforts, your project is then completed, on time and on budget.

The WRS Difference

You want a contractor who is dedicated to your success. Someone who sees and solves problems before they arise, has your best interests in mind, and operates with integrity. Luckily for you – we are that contractor.

At WRS, everything comes down to the 3 C’s: Character, Chemistry, and Competency. We hire people who hold strong moral standards, value human connection, and are really, really good at their jobs.

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At WRS, we’ve invested in the people and the technology who not only get your project done on time and on budget, but can also identify problems before they happen.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Call us, and we’ll connect you with the correct department lead who can answer your questions.
  2. Once we understand your project needs, we’ll provide you with a budget and a timeline.
  3. We then schedule your project so that it’s successfully completed on time and within budget.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

You’ll never have to worry about your project being completed late, stress about going over budget, or deal with unreliable contractors. With WRS, you have a partner committed to your success.


Our Services

Asphalt Paving

Parking lots, driveways, roads, and specialty projects.


asphalt sealing & striping

Seal coating, parking lot striping, pavement marking, crack filling, and repair.


Civil Construction

Site setup, clearing, erosion control, grading, utility installation, concrete, and asphalt.


concrete construction

Slabs, walls, foundations, sidewalks, and concrete paving.


technology and design services

3D modeling and GPS-guided heavy equipment.


Industrial Maintenance

Waste handling, catalyst handling, reactor change-outs, hydro blasting, and tank cleaning.


Land Leveling Scrapers

Large land leveling and site clearing operations using GPS-guided tractor-pulled scrapers.


uav mapping & inspection

3D surface models, real-time as-built drawings, aerial inspections, internal inspections, and thermal imagery.


Emergency Response

Quick mobilization for emergency repairs, spill response, slide prevention, and repair.


Demolition & Processing

Selective demolition, material reclamation, processing, sorting, and loading out refuse.



Beautification, street sweeping, bioswale management, stormwater catch basin cleanout, vacant lot mowing, and hardscaping.


Hydro Excavation Utility Location

Hydro excavation and vac trucks for emergency spill response and site cleanup as well as excavation.



Memberships and Associations