Residential Paving

Driveways, Walking Paths, and More

WRS specializes in the design and construction of quality residential driveways.

There is no better investment to improve the value of your home; a properly paved and maintained driveway can last 40+ years. We understand paving is a large expense, so our team is trained to treat every driveway as if it was their own.

When working with WRS you can expect:

  • Customized design specific to your paving needs
  • Expertise in drainage and water flow, complete with the installation of necessary catch basins
  • Fit, finish, and attention to detail
  • Professionals who will identify issues and solutions to provide you with a long-lasting paving product
  • Industry-standard warranty
  • Quality materials, equipment, personnel, and workmanship


Your project will be handled by industry veterans that are willing and excited to keep you informed, and your pavement looking pristine. The knowledge we bring to the table and share with our customers is all about transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With over 1,400 successful projects a year and 26 awards for excellence – we feel it’s safe to say that WRS can and will meet your expectations.


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