Line Striping, Wheel Stops, and Extruded Curb

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Line Striping, Wheel Stops, and Extruded Curb

The finishing touches.

Line Striping

We offer a variety of pavement marking options: parking lot striping and numbering, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) stenciling, and everything in between. Our team applies the highest quality material in their markings to minimize impact, reduce cost, and increase usability. Proper pavement marking should be bright, durable, and clearly readable to any traffic.

Wheel Stops

A properly installed and effective wheel stop should protect walls, signposts, and other vehicles from damage, as well as prevent pedestrian harm. Wheel stops can be made from a variety of materials, are required to meet safety and ADA regulations, need maintenance, and require a skilled professional to be installed properly. Every member of our team has been trained extensively to meet all of your wheel stop needs. We meet all state requirements for pedestrian and ADA access, and are able to check pre-existing wheel stops for damage, corrosion, cracking, or misalignment. The methods we use not only protect property, like signposts and walls, but also the very pavement on which wheel stops are installed. Repeated impact on certain wheel stops can cause cracking or other damage around anchor points, allowing water to penetrate and cause costly damage. With WRS, you can rest easy knowing that your wheel stops are properly installed and illuminated, meet all safety requirements, and are long-lasting.

Extruded Curb

Extruded curb is concrete or asphalt curbing that is placed on the surface of any underlying pavement surface. The benefits of extruded curb are that it is a comparably inexpensive way to contain border the edge of your paving surface from adjoining landscaping, protect utilities, designate parking areas, and improve safety. It is also an effective means of directing storm water runoff into designated drainage systems. Formed by a specifically designed machine, WRS can meet a variety of size/dimension that will also meet specified dimensions depending on agency or municipality plan requirements. When placing a new extruded curb, WRS uses a bonding agent (Adhesive) to keep the curb in place to any underlying pavement surface.  We also specialize in providing broken curb removal and repair.


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