WRS is a local Ferndale based company that has been doing business in the local refineries as well as other industries in the Pacific Northwest for more than 20 years.

Excavation, asphalt paving, concrete work, land clearing, fencing, site preparation, demolition, environmental cleanup and transportation services are just a few of the services we provide.

This diversity of our work gives us the ability to self-perform a large percentage of our work allows us to maintain better control of safety, budget, schedule and quality.

These services are provided to many Pacific Northwest companies such as BP Cherry Point Refinery, Phillips 66 Ferndale Refinery, Shell Puget Sound Refinery, Tesoro Anacortes Refinery, Puget Sound Energy, Alcoa Intalco, Olympic Pipeline, Kinder Morgan to name a few.

WRS takes pride in our 200 plus employees. We believe we have hired some of the best in their respective fields and have provided them with some of the best possible training to prepare them for their work at WRS. All employees take safety very seriously and understand that safety takes precedence over schedule or budget or any other pressure. The health and Safety Department has 8 full time employees performing audits, training and working to ensure all employees are performing their task in a safe manner.

Our on-boarding philosophy includes innovative programs combined with comprehensive site specific awareness training that allows us to be successful at each individual site.

2014 was our largest year yet completed, with over $45 million in revenue and close to 500,000 man hours. We hire locally; our employees live here, raise their families here, make their homes here and care about this community.

We have volunteer firefighters, we sponsor sports teams, contribute to non-profits and clubs and volunteer within the companies that we work for. The first page of our employee handbook states “The growth of any business like ours depends on its employees: people with initiative, ambition and enthusiasm, working in an atmosphere of harmony for our common success”.


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Bill VanZanten


Bill VanZanten is a Whatcom County native and is is actively involved in the community.

He started at Western Services in 1982, and became a partner in Western Refinery Services in 1992, becoming CEO in 2001 and continues in that capacity today.

Ryan Likkel


Mr. Likkel was born in Lynden Washington and grew up on a small Dairy Farm. Aside from a break to study business and accounting in Michigan, he has been involved with the company continually since graduating from Lynden Christian in 1990.

Ryan has fulfilled many roles in his years here, starting as a general laborer, moving into an officer manager role, health and safety manager, spill response manager, eventually becoming a partner in 1998, prior to stepping into the role of COO in 2008.

In his time with WRS he has seen the growth from 5 employees to 250. He works hard with the management team to provide a great work environment for our employees and a quality product for our customers, all while striving to maintain the ethics and integrity we believe we are called to.

Ryan and his wife Traci reside in Lynden and have three sons, Sam, Max and Jack

Jerry Libolt


Jerry has been in the refinery maintenance industry since 1982. Jerry founded Western Services in 1982 as a refinery maintenance company and in 1990 branched out into civil construction and paving.

In 2000 Jerry sold the controlling interest of the company to Ryan Likkel and Bill Vanzanten but stayed actively involved as CFO.

Jerry is a Whatcom county native, resides in Lynden with his wife Joyce and has four children, twelve grandchildren, and is very active within the community and at Cornwall Church.

Kyle Zender

Manager Civil Division


Kyle Zender leads the Civil Construction operations for WRS and spent the past 23 years working in the heavy civil industry as an estimator and manager. Kyle has worked with numerous clients including  BP, Tesoro, Shell, Phillips66, Alcoa, NAVFAC, Washington State Department of Transportation, GSA and many city and county agencies.  He believes in providing a quality product for our clients in a safe, ethical and economical manner.  He earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington.  Kyle is married with four children and lives in Whatcom County.

Craig VanZanten

Manager Industrial Services 

Craig VanZanten leads the Industrial Maintenance operation for WRS. He has been with WRS for 25 years and all in this field, from a laborer, operator to a supervisor now manager.

Mr. VanZanten has work with many clients including Tesoro, Shell, BP, Phillips 66, PSE, GEO engineers and many local municipalities.

Mr. VanZanten believes in safety, quality and integrity and providing turnkey opportunities and long term relationships with clients.

Craig attend Skagit Valley College where he earned is AA degree and is a life time resident of Whatcom County. Craig is married to his wife Lisa and has two children (Ali, Devin) and resides in Lynden. In Craig’s time away from work he enjoys watching his kids do different activities and golfing.

Tim DenBleyker

HR Manager

Tim DenBleyker heads up our Human Resources department.  He has been with WRS since 2013. Prior to coming to WRS, he spent most of his career doing Activity Therapy with at risk youth, sales for building and development companies, and estimating/dispatching in the plumbing, electric and heating industries.

Tim is passionate about working with people and loves to see them develop as employees and as people. He believes that having worked in a variety of fields allows him to have a broad perspective of how to deal with, and build relationships with our employees.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy from Calvin College. Tim has been married to his wife Lisa for over 20 years, and has four children.  In his free time Tim enjoys camping, backpacking, mountain climbing, and watching his kids play sports.

Loren Vanderyacht

Paving Manager

Randy Andrews

Shop Manager

Starting in the equipment maintenance industry as a 17-year-old Randy brings over 30 years’ experience to the team, and has been running the WRS shop since 2014. His role as shop manager covers WRS’ vast fleet of equipment and vehicles as well as all contract maintenance and repair.

Randy and his wife Lisa have four children, four grandchildren and reside in Whatcom County.

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