Safety Program

The 3 C's

The 3 C’s are used in the interview process to vet all applicants. The ideal WRS employee is a man or woman of character who knows how to do their job and can get along with people. It’s our winning combination.

Safety Culture On-Boarding

Part 1 – New Hire Training – 16 Hours. (Complete list of new hire training topics available upon request)

Part 2 – A highlighted 4 hour Safety Culture Class where all newer employees to WRS interact and get introduced to their own “Injury Free Journey.”

Injury Free Journey

After employees are introduced to their “Injury Free Journey,” we follow-up with a 27 week discovery adventure.

This is a weekly topical look at what it means to be “Injury Free.” This 27 week Journey is undertaken approximately once per year. (Topics available upon request.)

P.A.W.S. Program

The P.A.W.S. (People Always Working Safely) card is the documentation portion of our safety observation program.

Every time an employee observes a Safe Act, Unsafe Act, or an Unsafe Condition, we ask them to document it on a P.A.W.S. card and turn it in to their safety supervisor.

For the Safe Acts observed, a WRS Safety token can be issued to the person seen going above and beyond.  These tokens can then be redeemed with a gift card to the company store.

WRS Ladder

This is a visual tool we use to encourage workers to move from being a “Prisoner” or a “Drifter” to becoming a “Player.”

This tool helps supervisors identify which employees are engaged in their work and which ones aren’t.

Safety Mission Statement

WRS is committed to instilling a culture of safety in our employees that goes beyond the workplace and into their personal lives. We believe that safety is a mindset.

WRS is also committed to developing long term relationships with our employees. An injury-free safety culture is a journey, and those who have walked that journey bring incredible value to our overall culture and performance. 

Safety Core Values

It’s this simple: our goal is that team members work safely because they want to, not because they have to.

We strive to go above and beyond requirements in order to send everyone home happy, safe, and healthy.

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