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Welcome To WRS

At WRS we are experts in the areas of construction, excavation, demolition, asphalt paving, concrete work, tractor services, maintenance, and environmental cleanup. We provide quality service to clients of all size from home owners to small companies to large commercial and industrial facilities. Give WRS a call and allow us to partner with you.



About Us

At the core of WRS you will find a belief in Service, Quality, and Safety. Our motto is "Quality with Integrity." We pride ourselves in our safety record and believe all projects will be performed injury free. The very best asset WRS has is its employees. We are a team of highly knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals ready to help you find solutions and meet your needs.


Our Industries


WRS offers residential services that range from small projects to large renovations. Whatever the size of your project, with over 40 years of experience the WRS team brings quality and safety to every project. Horizontal Rule


WRS provides commercial clients with a wide range of services for their project needs. With WRS you get the reassurance of having all your service needs performed by our staff of experts that have a high standard for quality and safety. Horizontal Rule


WRS provides industrial services to effectively execute major industrial projects while maintaining a competitive structure.  With WRS you get the convenience of having all project details managed by our team of experts that have a high standard for quality and safety. Horizontal Rule



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