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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

When Steve isn’t working, he’s spending time with his family, collecting vinyl records, writing, and making inspirational videos. He also loves outdoor activities and sporting events (Go Mariners and SeaHawks!).

As the General Superintendent for our Asphalt division, Steve’s main responsibilities lie in scheduling and job planning. He works hard to streamline communication between customers and crews so that we can deliver quality work – on schedule and within budget.

Steve has worked in the asphalt industry since 1995 and joined the WRS team as a foreman in 2011. Since then, and thanks to an incredible asphalt team, our asphalt division has more than quadrupled in size. This growth opened up more leadership roles, and Steve was promoted to Superintendent in 2019.

When Steve began his career as a laborer in the paving industry (prior to WRS), the more experienced team members were gruff and consistently negative with the “new guys”. Being on the receiving end made him realize just how counter-productive that method was. Now that he is in a leadership role himself, Steve makes a point of practicing positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and encouragement instead.