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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

When she isn’t working, Sarah loves camping and traveling with her husband and their two children.

Awards Won

2023 Competency Award

Meet Sarah – WRS Controller. Sarah is inquisitive, innovative, and will never take “I don’t know” for an answer. She sees every problem or roadblock as an opportunity to learn something new. And she doesn’t just learn things for herself. She takes the time to meticulously document her learning process each time so that she can pass that knowledge on to whoever needs it next.

Sarah works closely with the rest of the finance team on data analysis and integration. We use a variety of software between the field and the office, and it’s her job to make sure systems like Spectrum, HeavyBid, and HeavyJob are all “talking” well with each other.

Before she joined the WRS team in 2017, Sarah got her degree in Finance from WWU and worked in international business for over 10 years. She joined a team of entrepreneurs and did work all over the world, including China, the UK, and Germany!