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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

If Randy isn’t working, he’s enjoying the great outdoors. He loves to fish, hunt, hike, and ride.

If there’s one thing Randy loves, it’s solutions. He manages maintenance and repairs on WRS (and outside) vehicles and takes pride in his work. Every day, he bumps into challenges with breakdowns and scheduling. But he doesn’t mind – because challenges are just opportunities to come up with solutions.

To Randy, problem-solving is a teamwork exercise. Although he has decades of experience under his belt, he’s never too proud to ask for help or outside opinions. When he’s trying to figure something out, he involves whoever he thinks would have the best insight into that unique problem. In his words: “We have such a large group, with such a large amount of knowledge. If something’s not my specialty, why would I sit here alone and fight it out, when I could ask someone who knows more, to help?”.

Before coming to WRS, Randy worked for 10 years as the Shop Manager for a tanker fleet in Walla Walla. Before that, he was also a Shop Manager for a Freightliner dealership in the Tri-Cities. He’s been on our team since 2014 and loves the variety of equipment he gets to work with here. He says when somebody asks him what kind of equipment we have here, the easiest way for him to answer is, “If it has a motor on it, we probably own at least one.”