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Outside of Work

If he’s not at work, Dustin is likely spending time with family and friends; boating, fishing, and traveling.

In his role, Dustin oversees the entire construction division; working with our project management team to ensure crews are working, clients are happy, and goals are being met. His favorite part of the job is connecting with and growing our people. He is part of a “smart, hard-working” team and is excited about all the personal and professional growth he’s seen from them in recent years.

Years into his career in the auto collision industry, Dustin decided he wanted to change paths. He promptly enrolled at WWU, completed his BS in Operations Management, and had a job lined up with us before graduation. In 2015, he joined our team as a Project Engineer and was promoted to Project Manager within a year and a half. After several successful years in this role, he was promoted to Construction Division Manager in 2022.

Dustin is self-described “type A”. He expects budgets to be right on the dollar and schedules to be airtight. One of the biggest challenges in project management is that multiple people and departments are pulling from the same pool of resources. To correctly assign equipment and manpower, he and his team prioritize clear and frequent communication with each other and adjacent divisions.