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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

If Cody isn’t in the office, he’s likely exploring the San Juan Island archipelago with his wife and their three kids. They love to fish, explore, and spend time at old favorite spots.

As CFO, Cody spends most of his time forecasting and planning. He oversees all financial activities, keeps cash flow stable, and advises where to place assets to grow the business. Construction can be a tricky industry to accurately project, but Cody has welcomed this challenge since his start in 2019.

Before WRS, Cody spent eight years in the public accounting arena as a CPA; four in the Detroit area, four in Whatcom County. From there he spent the next seven years working in accounting for a manufacturing company. He completed his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Business Finance at Northwood University in Michigan, and his master’s degree in Theology and Culture.

Cody has been involved in many interesting projects behind the scenes here at WRS, but one of his favorites has been integrating our bidding and time entry software. This ongoing project required teamwork across divisions and job titles, and he has enjoyed getting to work with such a diverse group to improve processes for all.