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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

When he isn’t working, Butch enjoys spending time with his wife and their girls, playing guitar, leading worship at church, coaching football, and singing in the band called “Hot Wally” that he and his friends started years ago.

From cleaning tanks to managing the entirety of WRS’s operations out at BP Cherry Point – Butch has done it all.

Butch started out in industrial cleaning and hydro-blasting when he was 18. From there, he worked as a carpenter, a construction foreman, an estimator, a project planner, and now, as our BP Site Manager.

In his current position, Butch spends most of his time meeting with BP to discuss projects, put together estimates, create and track job plans, and general billing and documentation. No matter what they’re doing, he and his crew work hard to foster a family-like atmosphere on-site. He knows work is more enjoyable when you get along with your colleagues. Beyond that, he teaches his team that safety becomes more tangible when you have a relationship with the people around you, and employees thrive when they are appreciated and known. In his words: “Everybody has value, everybody has worth, everybody is cared for.”