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Started at WRS


Outside of Work

When he isn’t at work, you can find Billy spending time with his wife JoAnn, five children, and seven grandchildren. He enjoys traveling, snowmobiling, raising beef cattle, and being involved in the community.

Back when WRS was just “Western Services”, Billy was hired on as one of Jerry’s very first employees. A dairy farmer by trade, he learned quickly and jumped in wherever he was needed. He started as a truck driver, became an equipment operator, and then began managing our operations at the Phillips 66 Ferndale refinery.

Billy stayed out at Phillips for close to 30 years and helped WRS expand into several local refineries. During this time, he also became a part owner of the company. By 2001, Jerry had retired, and Ryan and Billy became co-owners of WRS.

Billy’s leadership style is one of humility, kindness, and determination. He’s the first to admit when he’s wrong and is a strong believer in owning your mistakes. If you ask him what he enjoys most about work, he simply says: “I just enjoy seeing people succeed at their jobs and grow.” And in true WRS spirit – he’s not scared of problems. He’s spent most of his last 30+ years here solving them. He recognizes that each project comes with its own unique set of challenges and enjoys thinking outside the box to produce creative solutions.