Industrial Maintenance – Emergency Response

At WRS the Industrial Maintenance Division has the capability to perform a large variety of Industrial Maintenance activities throughout the industry.

WRS performs many types of cleaning utilizing high pressure water from automated heat exchanger cleaning of both ID and OD tubes to simple steam cleaning of heavily soiled equipment.  We operate this equipment with pressures up to 40,000 PSI.  We also have the capability to use a mixture of high pressure water and abrasives to safely cut steel where the possibility of fire or explosion prohibits the use of conventional mechanical or acetylene torch cutting.  Our personnel are the best in the industry pertaining to the cleaning of all types of petroleum and chemical storage tanks, both above and underground.  Tanks cleaned range in size from 20’ up to 300’ diameter.

We also have a fleet of varying types of vacuum equipment from DOT certified liquid tank trucks from 80 bbl to 130bbl capacity to Guzzler wet/dry vac trucks.  The liquid tankers are licensed to haul both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. We perform many different functions with this type of equipment at numerous facilities and projects throughout the region.

WRS provides emergency response services to many of our clients at their facilities and on projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Our capabilities include first response containment and cleanup to transportation of liquid and solid waste and final soil remediation and site restoration.  We have a large number of 40 hour HAZWOPER trained personnel on staff to provide these services.

Our goal at WRS is to provide our clientele with the best service in the industry while building long-term relationships in the process.

Being a multifaceted company we provide many other services throughout the industrial and would be glad to discuss your upcoming projects.

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