The Civil Construction Division is committed to our customers’ expectations for safety and quality while delivering our projects on time and on budget. We believe in working with our customers to build long term relationships.

The Civil Construction Division focuses on grading, underground utilities and structural concrete work. We also work with precast concrete.

Our experience ranges from large demolition projects to maintaining industrial equipment inside active industrial facilities. We also perform site clearing and installing erosion control BMP’s and mass grading and import fill operations.

Our Civil Division installs water distribution systems, firewater systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm drainage systems and oily-water sewer systems. WRS has its own HDPE welders with data loggers and full weld traveler documentation.

Along with WRS’s multifaceted organization we also provide installation of all types of fencing, precast structures ranging from box culverts to detention vaults and bridges.

WRS performs structural concrete work from small foundations to large industrial pump stations. At WRS we complete projects of all sizes ranging from small one day operations to multi-year projects.

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