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Blacktop Incorporated is a division of WRS and has been locally owned and operated in both Whatcom and Skagit County for over 3 decades. In those 30+ years, we have built trust in our community by offering exceptional services not only in our work but also in the way we treat our customers and our neighbors.

Whether your project is commercial, government, or residential, Blacktop has the experience to get the job done. We offer the best quality and workmanship in the industry: you can expect your project to be completed on time, on budget, and with absolute customer satisfaction. Our team excels at identifying issues and prolonging the lifespan of your pavement, while our carefully selected materials mitigate environmental impacts.

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Seal Coating

Blacktop Incorporated is the premier option for all your seal coating needs; a must-have service for anyone looking to extend the lifetime of their parking lot, driveway, or other asphalt paved construction.

Why exactly is seal coating so important?

Asphalt is made from rock, stone, or gravel, and a binder of refined crude oil to keep it all together. Over time this binder breaks down due to water, oils, U.V. damage, and other environmental strains, damaging the structural integrity of your asphalt. Regularly scheduled seal coating is the best and most affordable way to protect that binder and keep you from having to spend the more costly price of repaving. Our specially formulated sealant is designed to protect and prolong the lifespan of pavement from the elements. Blacktop also proudly uses only second-generation materials that contain no environmentally hazardous components. With Blacktop seal coating you can rest easy knowing you will be prolonging your asphalt’s lifespan in the greenest way possible.

Driveway asphalt sealcoat

Pavement Marking and Striping

We offer a variety of pavement marking options: from parking lot striping and numbering, to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) stenciling, and everything else in between.

Our team efficiently applies the highest quality material in their markings to minimize impact, reduce cost, and increase the usability of your pavement surfaces. Proper pavement marking should be bright, durable, and clearly readable to any traffic. This is exactly what we offer.

By using Blacktop for your pavement marking needs you are ensuring that your project complies with ADA standards and will be clearly readable to drivers for the longest amount of time possible. You will not only be saving money by minimizing how often you have to restripe, but will protect lives and property in the process. Studies indicate that an average crash reduction of twenty-one percent could be attributed to pavement markings. Protect your property on-site and avoid pricey lawsuits with clear pavement markings.

Blacktop road markings

Crack Filling and Repair

If you were too late to protect your pavement by using our top-of-the-line seal coat and now have cracks, Blacktop still has you covered.

We can reverse the clock on your aging pavement with our crack filling and repair- a method tried and perfected over 30 years to maximize effectiveness. Asphalt cracks allow water to permeate through your pavement, causing damage and expensive repair costs. Applying a hot rubberized sealant is one of the most affordable and effective ways to maintain your driveway or parking lot and protect it from further damage, which is why our team has been carefully trained to properly seal cracks. Save your pavement and your money by using our team of experts to seal up damage.

Wheel Stops

A properly installed and effective wheel stop should protect property like walls, signposts, and other vehicles from damage, as well as prevent pedestrian harm. Wheel stops can be made from a variety of materials, are required to meet safety and ADA regulations, need maintenance, and require a skilled professional to be installed properly and in a way that minimizes damage and prolongs its lifespan. Blacktop can install high-quality reinforced concrete wheel stops on any parking surface.

Every member of our team has been trained extensively to meet all of your wheel stop needs. We meet all state requirements for pedestrian and ADA access, and are able to check pre-existing wheel stops for damage, corrosion, cracking, or misalignment; a task that should be regularly scheduled.

The methods we use not only protect property, like signposts and walls, but also the very pavement on which wheel stops are installed. Repeated impact on certain wheel stops can cause cracking or other damage around anchor points, allowing water to penetrate and causing costly damage. By using Blacktop you can rest assured that your wheel stops are properly installed, meet all safety requirements, are properly illuminated, and are long-lasting.

Asphalt Repair

Whether you have been too busy to properly maintain your asphalt, purchased a property with damaged pavement, or have maintained your asphalt properly, over time your parking lot or driveway will degrade. This can be from weather, water, chemicals, heavy vehicles, and regular traffic.

Potholes, cracks, rutting, and many other issues can form as a result of this damage. This allows water and chemicals to penetrate your pavement, exacerbating the problem. With asphalt repair, you can extend the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway. While anyone can tell you where a pothole is, the team at Blacktop are experts in identifying problem spots (visible or not). We quickly find issues and repair the damage in order to extend the life of your pavement, while minimizing the impact the pavement damage has on your business or vehicle. Whether you need municipal, residential, industrial, or commercial work done, our expert team is dedicated to doing the job right the first time.

Mt Baker Theater parking lot sealcoat and striping

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